Leaders in modern day physiotherapy and injury prevention

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We focus on achieving accelerated, permanent outcomes for each client

At Trillium Physiotherapy, we integrate modern-day, evidence-based systems to accelerate recovery and prevent the occurrence of inuries. Our innovative approach allows us to provide often immediate and lasting benefits for our clients.

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Active Release Techniques

The gold standard treatment for soft tissue injuries and conditions

Active Release Techniques (ART) is a hands-on, movement based technique that has revolutionized physical rehabilitation worldwide. We use ART to break down scar tissue and relieve trapped nerves to restore optimal, pain-free movement.

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Redcord Therapy

Restoring pain free movement and function through muscle re-education

Redcord Therapy a system for restoring proper neuromuscular control and functional stability. Redcord Therapy is superior to traditional exercise prescription because it strengthens the connection between our muscles and brain.

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