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At Trillium Physiotherapy, we provide innovative physiotherapy to help you overcome your injury or condition so you can live a healthier life. Traditional physiotherapy uses outdated methods, is highly impersonal, and requires multiple treatments to be effective.

Because we integrate modern-day, evidence-based rehabilitation systems, we can accelerate and maximize your recovery to allow you to return to work, sport or daily life quicker. And, you are our priority. We show this by keeping in close and continual contact, providing comprehensive and interactive education, and by remaining open and accessible for whenever you need us.

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“After a serious cycling accident I was left with long-term pain in both my shoulders. I visited Trillium without expectations and was absolutely thrilled at the results we achieved in a short period. I owe you a big heartfelt thank you.”

Claire Martin, Veterinarian, Recreational Runner & Cyclist

“I suffered from pain in my knees for months and was forced to take time away from my sport. Trillium and Active Release Techniques changed my life, helped resolve my pain and allowed me to return to my sport. I can’t thank you enough.”

Simon Reed, Civil Engineer, Amateur Triathlete & Ironman Competitor

"I am truly grateful for the treatment you performed on my neck and back. You have helped me function better than I imagined and allowed me to return to work and the activities I enjoy. Thank you equally for your empathy and instilled confidence."

Catherine Watt, Support Worker, Regular Walker & Gardener

“I came to Trillium with calf and foot pain for the past 15 years. In that time I received many different treatments, but with little success. With Trillium and Active Release Techniques I was free of pain and fully functional in weeks. I am indebted, thank you.”

Ewan McDaniel, Landscape Architect, Amateur Cyclist & Triathlete