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A Story that Changed History

On a quiet morning in early July, 1996, a twenty-eight year old Canadian sprinter originating from Manchester, Jamaica pulled out of a training session complaining of groin pain.

After visiting his doctor that day, a grade II groin strain was confirmed. Serious frustration and anxiety set in as the sprinter was nearing the end of his preparations for an upcoming event.

A number of massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists did their best to help the sprinter, but recovery was slow and the event was closing quickly.

Then, a referral went out to a chiropractor in Ottawa, Canada named Mark Lindsay. Mark's skills were not so distinct from the other health care professionals. However, Mark had been working closely with a colleague based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado name Mike Leahy, the originator of Active Release Techniques.

Lindsay worked on the sprinter three weeks prior to the event and leading up to his final race. The sprinters name was Donovan Bailey, 100 meter gold medalist in the 1996 summer Atlanta Olympics.