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The Tool for Faster Recovery

I remember attending a health and fitness symposium a while back in Toronto, Canada, where Mike Leahy, founder of Active Release Techniques (ART), was lecturing as a guest speaker. I had only heard of ART through a friend, but still recall walking into the conference room and, with a capacity of over three hundred, running into a sea of people and having to awkwardly maneuver into open standing space.

Like everyone in the room that afternoon, I sat and listened attentively to Leahy, much like a three year-old during story time. But, what I recall wasn’t so much the forty-five minute speech Leahy gave. It was the fifteen minutes following where Leahy selected audience members with limiting injuries to come on stage for treatment. There, Leahy treated each individual and demonstrated to everyone in that room that immediate changes could be achieved with the application of ART.

It was then I began to understand and believe in the impact ART would make on the health care profession and lives of many.